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link2sd update file

about Link2SD
Download Link2SD Latest APK v4.0.13 for Android. ink2SD is an application manager that makes it easy for Android 2.0+ users on their device to move applications to the SD card. It enables you to manage your apps and storage easily.

link2sd download

– Link apk, dex and lib files of apps to SD card.
– Link internal data of apps to SD card.
– Link external data and obb folders of apps and games to SD card.
– Link dex files of the system apps to SD card.
– Auto clear cache service.
– Automatically link newly installed apps.
– Move any user apps to SD even though the app does not support moving to SD.
– Shows the apps that support moving to SD with native app2sd.
– Set the default install location of the apps; auto, internal, or external.
– Notify when movable apps installed.
– Uninstall system applications.
– Freeze and un-freeze system and users applications.
– Convert system apps into user apps.
– Convert user apps into system apps.
– Integrate “Updated” system apps into system.
– Clear data and cache of the application.
– Batch clear data and cache of the selected apps.
– Clear all apps cache at once (1-tap cache cleaner without being root).
– Exclusion list for “Clear all app cache” function.
– Clear cache widget (1-tap cache cleaner without being root).
– Notify if total cache size exceeds specified size.
– Reboot manager includes power off, normal reboot, reboot recovery, reboot bootloader / download mode.
– Reboot widget to boot with one click.
– List applications, show detailed size information and link status.
– Search applications by name.
– Display available space information of internal storage, SD card and SD card 2nd partition.

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Download Lucky Patcher by ChelpUs for Android and iOS

Lucky Patcher is an application that gives you genuine control over the authorizations you provide for the applications introduced on your Android. You can erase over the top publicising, change the contents, make reinforcements of different applications, and a great deal more. All things considered, you do require a rooted device to use this app to its full potential but this app also works on unrooted device app to a limited extent.

Android, iOS patch
Lucky Patcher is basically a cracking application which does a lot more than just cracking and get into the application. By using this, you will be easily able to get free in-app purchases throughout different applications. By using Lucky Patcher, you can do a lot more than just getting free in-app purchases.

The app allows you to remove the irritating advertisements from within an application or a game so that you can play or use them with full concentration. Other than that, you can also change the permissions taken by an application. On top of that, Lucky Patcher Apk also works as an application for backing up other applications or games after you mod or crack them.

Getting Started:

When you open Lucky Patcher you’ll see an exhaustive rundown of all the applications introduced on the gadget. You simply need to tap one of them to see the accessible alternatives: see the application’s data, uninstall it, erase extra information, and get to other exceptional apparatuses.

Among these uncommon instruments, you can discover intriguing components that let you, for instance, deactivate advertisements, and even run the application in conditions in which you typically proved unable. You can even make an APK changed by inclinations.

Lucky Patcher gives you a chance to take control of the applications introduced on your Android. Likewise, with all applications that give more control to the client, an attached gadget is required to get to every one of the components.

Requirements :

To use all features, you need a rooted device.

Note: Although stable, the functioning of Lucky Patcher can’t be 100% guaranteed.
So, you are solely responsible for the use of this application and any problems that may occur on your device rebooting loop, unstable system, etc…

What is Lucky Patcher App?

This will save up your mobile space. This application will work perfectly if you have rooted Android device. You can also delete the access data which is taken by the applications. This tool needs a rooted android device. This application is a complete tool which does all the functions and if we will look at this application features there are plenty of features which we will look below.

Recommended Article for You:

Before downloading I’ll strongly demand you to read these post for better understanding of the app. Reading this will make you expert in it and you can easily fix any issue if accrued. These posts are highly informative and written in a way that you can easily understand it. [Modded] Download Modified Google Play store.

Download Links:

We always provide 100 % genuine download links without any code injecting in it. You can trust us. Other provide fake downloads links beware from fake apps. The latest version of Lucky Patcher APK is v4.5.

All links are one click download means you can download it with the only single click.

Note: If you find any link which is not working or broken you can contact us or comment below. We will update that link as soon as possible only for you.

Here is few another alternative of this app which you should surely check out. This app is good enough to do the work of LuckyPatcher.

Alternatives of Luckypatcher
Free apps for android
Download Modified Google Play store

Light Indicators and Meaning:

This application shows different types of light on different – different time. Here are color indicators and their meaning:

Green: Can be registered and disconnected from Google Play
Yellow: Has a specific patch available
Blue: Includes Google Ads
Purple: A system startup app.
Orange: A system app.
Red: Cannot be modified.
How to get help for Lucky Patcher?

For any kind of help, we recommend you to read our detailed guide on this app. You can also comment below for any kind of help or support we are always ready to help you. You can also go to the Facebook page or contact ChelpuS.

Banner Lucky Patcher
Custom Patch

This way you can easily install the application on your Android device. This was the article about How to install and use on your Android device. If you love this tutorial share with your friends. I hope you like it stay tuned for more new updated of the application and keep visiting.

Lucky Patcher for iPad, iPhone and MAC

Lucky Patcher for IOS

This is the era of smartphones which are capable of delivering outstanding performance. The abilities of smartphones are increasing day by day due to the advancement in their hardware as well as software. There are many applications available for the smart phone which uses the efficient hardware to output a great performance. One of the most famous operating systems among modern generation is iPhone operating system. It is a very advanced as well as secured os which is used by millions of users worldwide. For unlimited free purchase and special freebies of games, you can use lucky patcher because it is one of the best hacking application in the world of iPhone operating system.

The iPhone operating system has more than 2.2 million apps to support which can be downloaded from iPhone app store. Some of them are free of cost while others can be availed through payment basis. There are much interesting as well as amazing games of ios which cannot be played with full features without paying a certain amount of money. But the lucky patcher for ios has completely changed the scenario with its unique feature to hack the games or other apps. Lucky patcher was previously available for android users only but now iPhone users can also get the advantage of free games. iPadian Mac and iPadian Windows latest version download.

Advantages and disadvantages:

Like all other applications of hacking, the lucky patcher for ios has also both advantages and disadvantages which are mentioned in detail below:-


You can use this amazing application by both jailbreaking or without jailbreaking the apple smartphone. You can get it in both formats without any downloading issue.
It can be used in hacking the game data to get rid of paying the heavy amount for virtual coins, money or gold.
Annoying ads of various applications can also be removed with the help of lucky patcher for ios application.
App installed by jailbreaking is much efficient than no jail break and it can easily uninstall the preinstalled applications which are generally useless.
It can also be used to remove license verification of applications. Download Lucky Patcher by SanX latest.
You can also customize and restrict and permissions and activities of various ios applications with the help of lucky patcher.
You can check out the binary data of complete app which helps you to modify or remove the unwanted features.
It classifies every accessible and not accessible application for hacking with different colours so that you can easily differentiate between them.
It transfers in-app purchase request of any application to its own server instead of sending to the billing service of ios.

Lucky patcher is not an affiliated application of ios store so you cannot get it through any official channel.
The use of lucky patcher for the hacking purpose of application data is actually illegal activity.
There is not 100% surety that your desired game or application will definitely be hacked and give you free access as promised.
While using lucky patcher for ios, there is a huge risk of application freezing or permanent bricking. It means the app will stop working and all of your previous data stored in a specific app will be lost.
You have to jailbreak your valuable ios based smartphone for the optimum use of this application. It may result in instability in the functioning of a whole operating system.
It is clear that you have to jailbreak your apple smartphone, this act will lead to the violation of warranty rules. You will not get any free assistance in case of miss happening occurred to your smartphone within the warranty period.

It is a great tool for iPhone users because you will get freedom of playing your favorite game without paying any single penny. But first of all, it needs to be fully understood about the proper use of lucky patcher for ios because, without proper knowledge, this powerful application will be totally worthless. Follow the given procedure as mentioned below:-

First of all, install the lucky patcher application in your ios based smartphone.
After the completion of the installation procedure, open the app where all the installed applications will be shown in a list.
Now select the game which you want to hack and tap on it where the open menu of lucky patches will appear.
Select the create modified option where support patch for LVL emulation and app simulation will be mentioned.
Here you have to tap on rebuild the app option and it will start patching the desired application.
Wait for few minutes till the whole process is completed. Now tap on of and exit from the application.
Now uninstall the existing app that you hacked a few moments ago from your phone.
Open sd card, go to ios, data, files, lucky patcher, modifies and you will see the hacked game in that folder.
Simply install the game and start playing it without any bounding of coins, gold or money etc for purchasing.
Guide to install:

As you know that lucky patcher is not available on official application store of iPhone so you have to download it from third party server. Follow this simple procedure to make it possible:-

First of all download ipadian app in your ios based smartphone and install it as third party software.
After installation, open it and then open the app store on your smartphone where you need to search for lucky patcher.
Tap on the install button and wait to finish the whole installation procedure.
Once the app installed successfully, you can easily open it and perform various hacking activities on your iPhone. Use lucky patcher without rooting the phone.
Frequently asked questions:

Q.1 Will it work on all games installed in my ios based device?

No, lucky patcher can only hack the games whose data is available offline in application data bundle. Online data provider games cannot be hacked by lucky patcher for ios.
Q.2 Is it capable of removing advertisements?

Yes, you can block all annoying advertisements which come with an app. You can easily access to your application without getting stuck in the processing of ads.

If you think that the internet is giving you any kind of free stuff then you are totally wrong. They are already charging cost in the form of data usage to download. Still, they ask money to unlock the features of games which you wish to play. With lucky patcher for ios, this problem has almost solved because it works on most of the games available on apple application store. Just download this powerful application and start playing whatever you want for free of cost. Official Uret Patcher APK latest download.

Change Logs:


Modded Google Play updated to v7.3.07.K.
Android patches for ARM updated.
lucky patcher apk no root
Custom patches updated.
Translations updated.
Bugs fixed.
Lucky Patcher by ChelpUS

Translations updated.
download lucky patcher full version
Bugs fixed.

Disable signature verification in the package manager” not supported now, working “as is.
Fix proxy server for new Google Play.
Custom patches updated.
Translations updated.
lucky patcher apk xda
Bugs fixed

Patch for some apps on Android 4 fixed.
Custom patches updated.
Bugs fixed.
lucky patcher apk free download

Fix show ads activity.
Translations updated.
Bugs fixed.
how to use lucky patcher

Xposed module on some firmware fixed.
Android patch for CM14 on ARM64 fixed.
Translations updated.
Bugs fixed.
lucky patcher xda

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TowelRoot APK for Android Review

Looking forward to root your Android device and anxious to know if it is safe and easy?. Then TowelRoot APK is just for you. TowelRoot is an awesome app that lets you root your android device with just a single click. All you need to do is download the APK and root your android without the hassles of connecting your smartphone to PC. The best part is TowelRoot supports a wide range of android devices so that you don’t need to worry even if you have an old and outdated mobile. It functions as a stand-alone application which lets you root your device with single click so that you can get the best out of your gadget.


Note: Below are some important points you should know before using TowelRoot to root your android device.
1) Rooting voids the warranty of software of your android device. This simply means in case any problem arises after your device is rooted, you have to pay to repair it no matter even if the device is in warranty period.

2) TowelRoot developers will not be responsible for the problems that may arise after or during the root process. As there is no guarantee as such that TowelRoot will successfully root your device or not.

3) You might be aware that you can delete any default application after rooting your device but make sure you know about important default applications to ensure safety while deleting default apps.

How to Use TowelRoot APK

1)Open settings in your device and navigate to Security and select allow “Unknown Sources” to let third-party apps function on your device.

2) After that, download the TowelRoot APK from here. Download link:…

3) Click on “Make it ra1n”.

4) Click on Next Step if your device is compatible otherwise you need to find some other apps which can let you root your device with single click.

5) Now your device will reboot. Be patient once it reboots, it is successfully rooted.

Is it Safe to Use TowelRoot APK?

It is perfectly safe to use TowelRoot APK if it is done correctly. Make sure you follow each and every step properly to avoid any complications. Even if any issue arises, you can just unroot your device back and your warranty will be continued. So without worrying give this app a try and explore the best experience of your android device.

I personally recommend you to use TowelRoot APK and not any other application because of the following reasons.


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Pros of TowelRoot APK
1) One-Click root

2) Easy to use

3) Supports wide range of android devices.

4)It will never destroy your device even if it fails to work.

5)You will be able to download root-only battery saving applications like Greenify which significantly improves your battery life by preventing apps from using unnecessary battery.

6)You can install Custom ROM’s after rooting which enhances the look and feel of using an Android device.

Cons of using TowelRoot APK
1) Security Risks:

As we discussed above that rooting is always risk vunerable so there is no doubt rooting your device even with the Apk is a risk-vunerable task.

2) Voids warranty:

Obviously, your warranty is void when you root your device because after rooting you get access to developer only access options which gives you full control of your device. This makes your responsible for bricking your device too.

3)Won’t Work on HTC and Motorola Devices

Unfortunately, you can’t use TowelRoot in case you are using HTC or Motorola android smartphones.

Overall, rooting is somehow over-rated as dangerous but it is safe if done correctly. I assure you if you follow the above steps properly, you can easily root your device. So without any further searching, go download TowelRoot app and explore immense possibilities with your android device.

This article was provided by Hardik Anand who is a passionate Blogger, Java Programmer and a Web Developer, who makes his living online. He is working on a site from which you can check aadhar card status online and has a couple of tech and niche websites which makes passive money for him.